Value Statement

HIPo-Africa believes in unity in diversity and as an organization we are:

  1. Committed to teamwork as a cohesive factor which underpins the essence of our successes.
  2. People centered and always serving our constituents with due diligence so as to enable them meet their aspirations
  3. We learn from our past performance and experience in ensuring an adaptive management approach to sustainable development
  4. culturally sensitive institution whose interventions take into account the diverse Indigenous Knowledge Systems of the different communities we serve
  5. Accountable to our constituents through adoption of participatory approaches in all that we do.

The organizational niche lies in fostering indigenous knowledge and traditional systems for improved quality of lives of rural communities through strengthening their socio-economic ideas geared towards harnessing their own environment for sustainable development. HIPo-Africa is supporting service providers and community based groups in Rakai, Moroto, Mukono and Wakiso districts in Uganda. It also provides direct health and social services through partnerships with District and Sub-county Local Government and other local CBOs and NGOs.

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