School Vision

School Vision: An empowered, Resourceful and God fearing community

Mission: To professionaly deliver quality education based on strong Christian foundation in order to produce girls competent for leadership.


Godliness: To lead alife according to Christian principles

Respect: To have respect for self, others, property, enviroment and it's sceneric beauty.

Time Management: To plan and use time effectiently and effectively.

Perserverence: To have determination, deligence and endurance in all aspects of life.

Integrity: To practice honesty

Excellence: To shine in all that we do



  1. To equip girls with knowledge and skills that enable them descover, exploit and develop their talents to full potential.
  2. To prepare girls for sustanable existance
  3. To inculcate Christian values and principles.
  4. To create and sustain a conducive enviroment to enhance a harmonious relationship with the community.
  5. To build and sustain a well-governed and managed institution.
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